Baby Shower Games For Girls – Online Fun Games To Play At Your Baby Shower

A few short years ago, free online fun games for girls seemed like a lost cause. Games were usually very “girl” oriented and often centered on dresses and make-up, or other girly activities. But today there are literally hundreds of online games just for girls. Some are educational others just plain silly fun.

The new trend is to develop educational games specifically aimed at girls. There are flash based ones that can teach counting, spelling and reading. Then there are educational games that will help develop motor skills and problem solving skills. Baby Boomer games (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey) teach young girls how to act like a baby and behave well in public.

Most of these educational baby oriented fun games are single player games. You can’t really get points for playing these. You do, however, get points for writing the words “baby” or “daddies” on the score cards. The point system is based on the age of the player, which varies by game.

For older girls there is a version of Scrabble with a twist – you don’t get points for making your words but for hitting your opponent with a bird. There are also word games like Scattergories where you are given a list of words and you have to create words in various arrangements, choose them in pairs or in categories. To make things more fun, you can give points for word play or, if you are lucky, even for guessing the correct word. If luck is on your side, you can double or triple your score and, in some cases, earn extra points.

Other popular baby shower games for girls include word searchers and name jumbles. In the former, you are given a list of baby names and you have to find the meaning of each and every one of them, making sure not to misspell a single letter. Sometimes the results are surprising.

Other baby shower games for girls involve matching objects – how many objects you have to locate in a set amount of time. Some games require you to use logic while others just need creativity. For example, one game asks you to click on different shapes while another asks you to match up colors. The objective is to find all the objects within a certain time limit. Another baby shower games for girls is the bathtub bingo game. This is quite simple; all you have to do is fill the tub with water and the bingo will start.

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