Free Online Games For Girls

Kids Food Games is an excellent high quality, educational toy Studio for little Girls. The objective is to provide fun, safe & exciting new learning experiences to little girls. This innovative game studio allows little girls to explore food games in a creative environment while enjoying fun graphics, music and great sounds.

The main theme of this exciting game studio is “cooking games for girls”. These games offer creative uses of food as both entertainment and educational tool for young children. From learning about appetites, flavors, textures to developing cooking skills and incorporating nutrition to their daily menus, girls learn valuable life lessons throughout these games. Some of the activities offered include:

Candy by Numbers is an all-original, easy to play and completely free cooking games for girls. In this exciting game, players learn how to add, subtract and multiply with just a few clicks of the mouse. Players also learn how to prepare different candies and desserts such as cookies and fudge. This is an entertaining activity that will keep both boys and girls engaged and eager to continue playing.

Another exciting cooking games for girls are Dora’s Treasure Island Games. In this version of the popular theme, players have to cook and serve snacks for Dora, a virtual person who inhabits the island. To cook the dishes, kids must use their wits and skill to create the best dishes possible. They can make sandwiches, dessert and drinks using the skills they have learned in the game.

This is one of the most exciting cooking games for girls. It introduces a new angle to the traditional food games that helps girls learn and use their creative minds. Moreover, this cooking game provides the opportunity to purchase some of the best ingredients used in regular cooking games. By purchasing and eating the food offered in the game, kids gain experience and knowledge about nutrition.

Digging for Stink Bugs is yet another entertaining cooking game for kids. Kids have to dig for the sweet smelling stinky bugs in order to quench their thirst and level up their Cooking skill. This game is quite similar to the popular app called Candyland, where kids have to eat certain candies and earn points every time they reach a higher level. However, this cooking game gives kids a chance to learn about the different types of foods that stink and what exactly stink bugs are. The game ends when the player has collected all the required number of stinks.

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