Know Your Surveyor Insurance

What is Surveyor Insurance? Is it for me? I am a Surveyor, but more importantly, I am an owner of several properties, each one requiring a specific type of insurance coverage. I have been asked many times about this type of policy and have found that there are quite a few companies offering it. So what are the differences and benefits of Surveyor Insurance?

Taking surveys is a very fun and rewarding way to earn extra income or supplement your existing income. Surveyors make sure that homes and other properties are properly surveyed, and then they fill out forms and submit them to the surveying companies. All of the information that is filled out on the forms is legally required by the United States government to be filled out and submitted on time and submitted for approval. When my wife asked me about my Surveyor Insurance, I did some research online and found that there are different types of Surveyor Insurance, including: boundary line, property damage, property insurance, and boundary line/property alignment insurance.

Boundary line insurance protects against damages to your property caused by Surveyor’s negligence or errors on boundary line drawings. Mistakes are always made, and some of those mistakes can result in a lawsuit. Your surveyor may make a simple error, crossing an invisible line that was not intended, or he may use a different measuring tape than the one used by his clients. Property damage insurance protects your professional indemnity from any claims by your customers for damages caused by your negligence or errors during the process of survey construction.

Property alignment insurance is the most common type of Surveyor Insurance. It protects you from claims due to anything that results in damage to or changes to the property that you have measured or marked. For example, if you measure a line and place a sign on the property stating that you want to build a four-story building at one hundred feet distance from the boundary line, you might be liable for any damage that was caused by Surveyor’s negligence or error. You should purchase this type of insurance for the protection of your business, since any claim made against you would have to be the fault of your clients. In addition, general liability insurance will protect you from claims by employees, tenants, and customers, which could arise from injuries or property damage as a result of your professional conduct.

The best time to get a quote for Surveyor Insurance is prior to starting the project, but once it has begun, you have to continuously obtain new quotes to keep up with the competition. A Surveyor’s license is required in every state in the U.S., except Alaska. Some states don’t require a license, but they do have some specific requirements that must be met before becoming licensed. If you fail to meet these requirements, you could lose your ability to continue the Surveyor’s duties. As a land surveyor, it is essential that you keep a certain number of licenses, depending on how much experience you have in the field and the state that you are practicing in.

This type of insurance is extremely important, especially for small land surveying businesses. There are many liabilities that exist and you may need protection from them, such as a person stepping onto your property or damaging it with their gardening tools, flooding, a fire or other unforeseen disasters. If you need to know more about Land Surveyor Insurance, feel free to speak to a qualified insurance agent today. By doing so, you can get a quote for the right amount of protection for your needs.

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