Vaporizer Review – Best Portable Vaporizers For Your Cooking Needs

The Vape Pen is a new product from the company named Vapor Juice. This pen-dry herb vaporizer is a great new alternative to an ordinary hand held vaporizer. This vaporizer is especially beneficial for someone who has a difficult time with smoking because the Vape Pen is easy to use and does not require you to smoke the herb.

If you are familiar with an ordinary pen-sized herbal vaporizer, you might have noticed that it looks like an ordinary pen. It has a flat surface and looks like one would hold a pen. However, there is more to this vaporizer than what meets the eye. Unlike a pen, the Vape Pen actually allows the user to use it like a cigarette. Although this device might not look like much, it does pack a powerful punch in terms of vaporizing the herbs.

The reason why the Vape Pen holds the dry herb is because it can be used just like a pen. It can be used to vaporize dry herbs, as well as oils, waxes, and many other ingredients. You do not have to worry about burning your lips or coughing because of the heat that the Vape Pen produces. You simply place your fingers over the hot button and inhale the steam that is created by the herbs. Then, you simply need to take a couple of sips and exhale the vapor into your lungs. Visit here for more information about

When you are using the pen-dry herb vaporizer, you will notice that it is different than the regular pen or pencil. You can see that there are two heating elements on the front and one heating element on the back. The reason why there are two heating elements is to allow the user to control the temperature that they want their herbs to be heated to.

Another great thing about the pen-dry herb vaporizer is that you can use your finger as a method to control the temperature. Since you are able to use your finger to control the heat, you will not risk burning your lips when you are using the vaporizer. Also, you will not have to worry about the natural flavor of the herb leaving your breath when you are using the vaporizer. You will be able to use your finger and still get all of the great benefits from the herb.

The only negative to the Vape Pen is that it is made of glass and you must place it inside of a glass case to protect it. If you use your regular glass bottle and put it in the vaporizer, you might risk breaking it. If you are going to purchase the pen-dry herb vaporizer, then you might want to purchase the glass case to keep it protected. When you are using your Vaping Pen, you will be able to enjoy the herbal vapors and not worry about the heating plate melting the plastic.

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